Robo at Home
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Robo'n Roll

Robo at Home

Use it in your Bedroom with folded clothes and shoes, it helps you dress up and shop!
Use it in your Kitchen like a chef and pantry, know what's missing while shopping!
Use it in your Living Room for games and passions, everything clearly visible at eye level!
Use it in your Garage to keep household tools, everything at your fingertip!

Let Robo  wear the most suitable Dress for your home. Choose between trhee forniture style and countless color combinations.

Robo has many claddings options, 'called dresses',choose the one wich suits you best

Every Dress is designed to look like regular forniture and to fit both classic and modern style. You can get them ready for use or uncoated and let your trusty cabinetmaker finish them, so that Robo will blend perfectly in your decor.

Browse your Robo while you are at the mall, in your shop or attending an exibition!
You will always see what you need with Robo!

Robo is a valiant helper: it keeps tidiness inside, and reminds what is needed while you are outside.

Quickly check the ingrindients for a cake and see if they are out of stock.
Pair your shoes with a piece of clothing whose color you don't remember so well.
Track all your stuff to avoid buying them twice.
Share your passions with friends and acquitances.
A few click through our site or directly thanks to the APPlication.

Watch Robo in action!

Robo can help you even more!